May 24

Sussex Healthcare: A Leading British Healthcare Company

Sussex Healthcare, a leader of healthcare in England, has been going strong since the day it opened its doors, all those two and a half decades ago. For over twenty five years, Sussex Healthcare has provided elderly and senior care, disabled adult care, and care for those who only need in temporarily, as well as palliative and dementia care.

The healthcare company is specialized in all of these areas to serve communities in England. The company boasts more than 20 facilities under its name, and continues to expand and grow.

As for adults who have cognitive disabilities and other medical issues, the healthcare company has the potential to be a great new home! Many nurses, doctors, and caretakers are specialized for this area, and can provide care and medical attention for these individuals. These adults live in what are commonly referred to in medical terminology as, “multi sensory” rooms, in which nurses, doctors, and caretakers can respond at any given moment that the patient should need it.

As for elders with dementia, Sussex Healthcare provides nurses and doctors who have been specifically trained in this field. Elders with a form of dementia, Alzheimer’s require a lot attention, therefore they live in quarters with more attention from nurses and other staff, for anytime they need it. These are 24/7 surveillance areas, to provide top-of-the-line care for these types of patients.

Additionally, the healthcare company also offers palliative care, for those who are living their last moments of their lives, wanting to enjoy every last piece they have of it. This is a great place to spend for this!

For everyone at Sussex Healthcare, there is a great high quality gym and daycare areas. In the gyms, physical therapy and other great gym equipment to use is provided, with someone always supervising of course! And in the daycare areas, there is always something going on, whether it is a performance, an event, holiday party, games, or arts and crafts. Both these areas are for recreation and social settings for all the patients at the healthcare company.

The motto of the healthcare company is to provide all patients staying there as their home, with a “full life.” You never want your loved ones, or even yourself to stay at a place that doesn’t feel like home. Well, this healthcare company is just the right place for those wanting that “at my own home” kind of feel.


May 4

Mark Mofid’s plastic surgery practice in San Diego

Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon who is based in La Jolla, San Diego. He attended Harvard University where he received his undergraduate degree in medicine. In his medical degree, he trained in general surgery and plastic surgery. He later joined Johns Hopkins university school of medicine where he studied an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. Currently, he is a staff surgeon at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista medical center both of which are located in La Jolla area of San Diego. He is also among the members of clinical faculty of the University of California. He is a fellow in the American college of surgeons and sits in the American board of plastic surgery.

Mark Mofid owns an accredited clinic, surgery center and also provides laser services. The clinic is located in LA Jolla, San Diego county. The office has 3 specialists; a nurse, a dermatologist who happens to be his wife and himself a plastic surgeon. The clinic offers medical services, dermatological services, cosmetics and plastic surgery. According to Mark Mofid, the process of hiring new employees is rigorous. To him, experience doesn’t matter. He considers employees who are willing to commit a few years to learning everything about the field of surgery and dermatology. Later, helps these employees to find great career paths in the industry.

Mark Mofid believes in working together in serving the patients. He acknowledges that no one can satisfy the needs of all patients alone. This is why he has established referral relationship with another laser facility within the community which provides the laser needs that he cannot offer. In addition, he believes that good work is the best form of advertising. Doing good work is inexpensive and allows one to compete on quality rather than price. He doesn’t use any print advertising although he owns a website. Mark Mofid advice’s employers to do a thorough investigation on new employees, because some of them may land an organization in problems, additionally, startups should not be concerned about where they start, rather, they should work towards good services.


May 1

Rocketship education makes students growth performance a priority

Children’s growth should be monitored and evaluated at every turn so as to determine where they are headed. James Robinson the founding principle of Rocketship united academy urges parents to give assessment of their child’s overall growth in education rather than focusing on proficiency levels.

By now many schools in Tennessee got their students academic reports for last year but in Davidson County, elementary schools will have to wait another year to get to see the growth progress of their students. Robinson says that even though the results will capture proficiency levels of the students, it will also capture Growth scores. The growth scores will serve to show how much the students have learned over a given timeframe.

To have a holistic approach in capturing student data, many schools in the world use the MAP tool (Measures of Academic progress) which effectively can show the students growth performance over a period of one year.

According to national records, students coming from poor families start school behind and will probably never catch up. This creates an achievement gap and a children attending good public schools will be assisted to close this gap because there will be a level playing ground. Students performing below grade level will face challenges and the rate of their academic growth will determine if they will ever catch up.

Robinson says that last year 146 rocketeers begun the year behind but showed tremendous improvement in their grade levels by the end of the year. Based on the MAP tool that the school uses, that translates to 1.35 years growth in maths and 1.2 years growth in reading in one year. So he urges schools and parents to give growth scores equal attention as it will promote belter learning practices for the children.

Rocketship Schools was established in 2006 and its primary aim has been to bridge the gap in learning by giving children form low income families the opportunity to get good education. It is situated in California and has other outlets spread across other locations. The school has benefited greatly from donations given by prominent individuals and organizations and they use the money to improve the schools.