July 28

A Healthcare Entrepreneur: Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina has a passion and a focus on improving health care. He was born in Tanzania and immigrated to the UK in his teen as a result of his parents wanting the best education for their son. In London, he studied dentistry and is a qualified dental surgeon with years of experience in England. His passion, however, is in improving health care, and it is from this that his career has mainly focused on the health sector. After years as a dental surgeon, he decided to venture into elderly care where he founded the Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is a company focusing on providing service to the older adults in the community and rated as one of the most successful in the elderly care sector. In the UK as in other parts of the world, aged care has become an integral element in health care with the elderly in the society requiring care and support focused on them and their needs. Shafik Sachedina realized the need for high-quality care for the aged in the community and established Sussex Healthcare to meet this demand. Currently, the company has about 20 facilities each offering high-quality care to the aged and individuals living with disabilities. Under his leadership, Sussex has developed to be a leader in the market providing health care and support to the aged, and further offering customized care services for those who need them. The company has high standards having received accreditation from ISO 9000:2000 and certification from the Health Quality Services. According to Sachedina, providing high-quality care to patients and clients should be the focus of any healthcare practitioners and institution.

In addition to his role as a Joint Director are Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina serves in various other capacities. One of these is his role at Aga Khan in France whereby he helps at the Aga Khan’s Secretariat. Further, he contributes at the Institute of Ismaili Studies as a Board Member as well as head the Department of Jamati Institutions, is a member of committees at AKDN among others. Majority of the time and work he undertakes in Jamati Institution is on a voluntary basis with his focus being to give back to the community. Looking at his career, Shafik Sachedina has focused his efforts on serving the community and ensuring that people seeking health care receive high-quality care.

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