September 10

OSI Group Growth under McDonald Governance

OSI Group is currently a global enterprise. It has various operations spread all over the world. This company has more than 65 facilities in 17 nations and over 20000 employees all over the globe. OSI Food Solutions was ranked number 58 in the Forbes list of the largest private United States Companies. David McDonald has played a significant role in the recent growth and development of OSI Group in China. McDonald also made a substantial contribution to the acquisition of Baho Foods by OSI Food Solutions. Baho Foods is a Dutch food company that specializes in the production of snacks and deli meats for the retail sectors and European food service in conjunction with Flagship Europe, currently referred to as Creative Foods Europe. Creative Foods Europe is a leading supplier of high-quality bespoke products.

David McDonald is a renowned pioneer in food production management. He has an incredible experience that he gained after working for and with various government agencies, retailers and local suppliers in many international borders far from the northern Iowa fields. McDonald was raised as a farm boy in Iowa, and the background never seems to offer such an incredible conglomerate. However, he might have been influenced by his venture into food-production distribution chain. He might have gained his managerial skills from this career that has enabled him to make such a great achievement later in his life through OSI Food Solutions.

David MacDonald was once quoted saying that their partners are quite aware of business network and culture in their specific geographical regions. He noted this in 2017 during his interview with CEOCFO Magazine. He also pointed out that they fundamentally have a belief that the proper management decisions are made when they are nearest to their clients in areas or product varieties in which they operate. They believe that it’s always good for their management staff to make their decisions while closest to their markets and clients.

Just like David McDonald, OSI past has an excellent foundation in the American Midwest iconography. When it comes to the company, the backdrop is among the most prominent business ventures that the region has ever have. OSI Group has currently become one of the most renowned businesses in the world. David McDonald has created himself a big name through his dedication towards governing this company. He had incredible leadership and management skills that paved OSI Group to its current big name.

September 7

With AM PM Essentials, Jeunesse Global revolutionized the multivitamin

One of the biggest challenges that confront modern workers is how to stay at optimal levels of productivity throughout the entire day. Many studies have shown that the vast majority of work is accomplished before noon. Those workers who can remain at close to peak productivity levels throughout the day stand to gain a significant edge over their peers. And this can translate into vastly more success over the course of a career.

One of the biggest problems with maintaining day-long productivity is that people tend to crash after their lunch break. A factor that exacerbates this problem is long-term sleep deprivation. Studies have proven that sleep deprivation itself may be the single biggest detriment to productivity. And people who are sleep deprived will find it almost impossible to remain even minimally productive well into the afternoon.

Now, Jeunesse Global, one of the leading health and beauty companies in the world, has developed a product that seeks to address all of these problems in the same package. AM PM Essentials is a multivitamin that is designed for busy professionals and active parents, helping them to stay at the top of their game, all day long.

AM PM Essentials tackles two of the most important detriments to productivity. AM Essentials provides a number of natural energy boosters, including guarana and vitamins A through E. It helps people to stay at peak productivity throughout the day by providing a solid boost of energy and giving the user the essential minerals they need to stay alert and focused.

PM Essentials, on the other hand, addresses the problems of not getting enough sleep. It contains a number of potent, all-natural sleep aids that help people to wind down after a long and stressful day. PM Essentials helps people to fall asleep reliably and stay asleep for the entire night, allowing them to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the following day.

AM PM Essentials is yet another innovative product from Jeunesse Global, a company that is quickly becoming the global leader in health and beauty products. For more information on AM PM Essentials, contact a Jeunesse distributor or visit the company’s website.

August 17

Louis Chenevert a Man of Many Talents

Louis Chenevert has often been referred to as a man of many skills and talents. As Chenevert has proven, it matters now where you come from, but it only matters where you end up. His career has flourished with prestigious titles in production management for General Motors, as well as CEO and advisor for Goldman Sachs. Finishing strong is something he was able to do, and he encourages others to do the same. What made the difference for Louis Chenevert?

His story is about knowing exactly what he wanted out of life, and coming up with a plan to get there. Unlike many successful businessmen, Louis Chenevert was not born to a wealthy or accomplished family in the world of business. His path to success was paved with nothing more than his commitment to doing the work and becoming a successful individual. He had learned long ago that if he remained dedicated to working hard, that he would ultimately have prosperity.

Gaining an interest in business while growing up, and later attended the HEC Montreal Business School where he majored in production management. His passion during this time was to discover how to produce the absolute best goods through a production process and system while minimizing cost. Upon his graduation, he quickly secured a job with General Motors in production management, proving to his superiors that his education as well as his dedication to his career was more than enough for him to become the success he had dreamed about.

While working with General Motors, Louis became good friends with Guy Hachey, the hiring manager for the company. Through their long journey in production, and the success that was achieved while Louis was in management, production levels increased, impressing Hachey as well as his superiors. Hachey found it easy to get along with Louis, and they remain friends today.

August 6

Guilherme Paulus one of the most influential businessmen

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is currently the largest travel company in Brazil and is in 23 states in the country. Not only is CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. the largest in Brazil, but currently has 209 points of sales globally with an office in Europe and many neighboring South American countries. The widely successful and influential travel agent company employs over 3,200 citizens and more than 1,000 suppliers. CVC Brasil has grown to services directly more than 8.5 million customers in both South America and Europe

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.Awas founded in 1972 by Guilherme Paulus and his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari when Paulus was only 24 years old. The two hit the ground running, but Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, in 1974 decided to sell his portion of the company and give Guilherme Paulus full control of operations going forward. Visit to learn more about Paulus

Guilherme Paulus graduated college with a degree in business and has worked with IBM for over 20 years. Guilherme Paulus has ventured into the hotel industry and has been making significant financial investments in many hotels. In 2005 Guilherme founded GJP Hotels and Resorts. Mr. Paulus makes a point to focus more on the customer, to ensure their satisfaction. Mr. Paulus was added to Forbes list of billionaires in 2013 the same year he became Chairman of the Board of Directors at CVS Brasil. Currently, GJP Hotels and Resorts control more than 15 hotels and resorts in Brazil. There are plans for GJP to expand and create new locations to include the highly sought surrounding airport areas.

Mr. Paulus is also a member of the Board of Directors for GJP and is an active member of the Tourism National Board, which is named by the Republic’s President. One of Brazil’s most respected and influential businessmen, Guilherme Paulus was recognized and named Entrepreneur of the year for his direct contributions to the improvement of the quality of life in Brazil.


June 30

OSI Food Solutions Acquires New Property In Toledo, Spain

OSI Food Solutions has again shown the world that it is not stopping at nothing in its bid to offer sufficient and sustainable chicken products in Spain and Portuguese markets. This was clear when the company recently announced that it is going to expand its Toledo facility. The expansion process is underway. Upon completion, the facility will accommodate several departments. Among the departments that are lined up include the employees’ lounge, storage and supply area, refrigeration rooms, production hall, and shipping and receiving areas. All these and other departments will fit in the proposed 22, 600 square feet facility.

When making the announcement, OSI Food Solutions Managing Director for Spain José María del Río said that the new facility will not only double production from 12, 000 tons to 24, 000 tons, but also increase sustainability. “We are looking at adding the number of tons of our produce. In the last 10 years, there has been an ever increasing demand of chicken, pork, and beef in our local market as well as our neighboring Portugal. Soon, there will be sufficient supply. We have also announced that we will be adding 20 more employees to our list. This will bring the number of those that are based in Toledo to 160,” said the MD. Among the posts advertised for include that of the product development manager. All those that will be absorbed would have shown high-lever skills especially in the line of production.

David McDonald, OSI Food Solutions’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), and President said that the expansion comes at the right time. McDonald said applauded the company’s employees saying that they are the reason behind the latest achievements. Several equipments have been installed in the Toledo facility, which are believed to be energy savers. They include state of the art refrigeration equipment and power plant equipment that consume more than 20 percent energy. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

The project is partly funded by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund, which during the issuance of the grant said that part of the reason for giving OSI Solutions the grant is because of the company’s commitment to honor its pledges. It should be remembered that when setting foot in Toledo, OSI Food Solutions promised to employ people from the local community. This is what the company has honored.

Thanks to OSI Food Solutions’ top management that has many years of experience, the company has been able to receive several awards. They include the Global Visionary Award and the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award.

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May 4

Mark Mofid’s plastic surgery practice in San Diego

Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon who is based in La Jolla, San Diego. He attended Harvard University where he received his undergraduate degree in medicine. In his medical degree, he trained in general surgery and plastic surgery. He later joined Johns Hopkins university school of medicine where he studied an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. Currently, he is a staff surgeon at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista medical center both of which are located in La Jolla area of San Diego. He is also among the members of clinical faculty of the University of California. He is a fellow in the American college of surgeons and sits in the American board of plastic surgery.

Mark Mofid owns an accredited clinic, surgery center and also provides laser services. The clinic is located in LA Jolla, San Diego county. The office has 3 specialists; a nurse, a dermatologist who happens to be his wife and himself a plastic surgeon. The clinic offers medical services, dermatological services, cosmetics and plastic surgery. According to Mark Mofid, the process of hiring new employees is rigorous. To him, experience doesn’t matter. He considers employees who are willing to commit a few years to learning everything about the field of surgery and dermatology. Later, helps these employees to find great career paths in the industry.

Mark Mofid believes in working together in serving the patients. He acknowledges that no one can satisfy the needs of all patients alone. This is why he has established referral relationship with another laser facility within the community which provides the laser needs that he cannot offer. In addition, he believes that good work is the best form of advertising. Doing good work is inexpensive and allows one to compete on quality rather than price. He doesn’t use any print advertising although he owns a website. Mark Mofid advice’s employers to do a thorough investigation on new employees, because some of them may land an organization in problems, additionally, startups should not be concerned about where they start, rather, they should work towards good services.


February 16

Roberto Santiago: The Man Behind One Of Manaira’s Most Prominent Shopping Destinations

Roberto Santiago is a well-renowned entrepreneur and businessman who has undertaken numerous positive ventures that have shaped the way he is perceived in the industry. He is most well known for the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, which is one of the most well-known shopping centers in the entire country. He is also known for several other projects that he has been carrying out since the start of his career. One of the first entrepreneurial ventures that he embarked on was a company that undertook the manufacturing of household items and home decor. The company proved to be immensely successful, and Roberto Santiago became a household name.



Being an entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago knew that if he wanted to be successful in their field, he would have to make a few decisions that would work towards his future. For this purpose, he decided that he would buy a plot of land as an investment which he could then use for a plan. In the 1980s he found the ideal thing that he could use this land for, which is when he decided to start up a mall in the area. The land was in his hometown of Manira, and Roberto Santiago spent several years working on making the idea of a mall a success.



The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall became fully functional in the nineties and came to be known as one of the top shopping destinations in the entire country. The mall is home to some of the widest variety of stores, ranging from international favorites to local labels. The mall is considered to be the place where one can go when they want to splurge on all of the latest fashion, under one roof.



The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is also particularly more well known because of the incredible amount of entertainment options that are available here. Roberto Santiago wanted to make the mall a place for people to enjoy themselves and be engaged in doing something that they like. For this purpose, he made sure that the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall had a large variety of entertainment options available to the people coming here. One of the main attractions at the mall is the brilliant and hi-end movie theater that is present here. The theater has eleven screens which are all equipped with some of the best movie technology, to give their viewers some of the best viewing experiences that they can find in the city.



The mall also has a large arcade with a brilliant bowling alley for people to come and have a good time. The mall is also home to an excellent performance arena which is used by international and local artists to stage performances for the people here.

October 27

Bob Reina Followed After His Dreams

Bob Reina was someone who was working as a police officer when he decided that he wanted something different from his life. In an interview, he shared how he suddenly had a new dream, and how he followed after that. Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of a video marketing company, but he would never have started Talk Fusion if he hadn’t decided to leave his old career behind and focus on following his dreams. He shared in an interview that he was introduced to the network marketing industry while working as a police officer, and how he followed after that to make something more of his life.


When Bob Reina was asked about how he makes money, he shared that he benefits off of the successes of others. He mentioned that he loves the industry that he is in because everyone helps one another make it. When Bob Reina was asked if there was ever a time that he doubted what he was doing, the answer that he gave made it sound as if he never did. He shared that he knew right away that Talk Fusion was something that could be successful, and that his other ventures made him feel positive, as well.


Bob Reina is someone who is self-disciplined, and that has helped him as he has followed after his dreams. As he became his own boss, he had to keep himself in line and he had to push himself if he wanted to be successful.


When he was asked about where he comes up with his ideas for the products that he offers and the work that he does, Bob Reina shared that he looks for a need. When he has found a need that is out there in the world, then he works to fill that need. He has found a way of working toward his goals that has allowed him to not only touch others’ lives but also to be successful.