November 18

Kevin Seawright Brings Prosperity To Baltimore

Financial guru and CEO Kevin Seawright is extremely proud of the work he’s doing for the city of Baltimore. In his latest effort to make the city whole after months of unrest, Seawright has partnered with RPS Solutions LLC to help Baltimore residents achieve home ownership. He discussed his plans in depth on the Larry Young Morning Show on A.M. Talk 1013 in Baltimore.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright expressed to Young that the program will help beautify neighborhoods and raise property values in the area. It also gives residents a sense of pride knowing they own something of their own. “This plan goes a long way to help the hardworking people. Many of them are finally realizing their dream of owning a home. Something they never thought they would achieve.”

Kevin Seawright has also stated that he wants to improve the 48% homeowner ranking. The program assists the applicant with a home to be constructed or renovated. RPS can also help the resident secure financing. According to Seawright, the program has been extremely successful.

Individuals wanting to know more information about the program can contact Renee Collins.

Seawright has vast experience in finance and project management. He is the former CFO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation. Before moving to Newark, Seawright had a long history of service in the greater Baltimore are. He worked on the local state and federal level as a financial officer. He created an accounting program that would save the city over $100,000.

Kevin Seawright was recently received an award of excellence from Notre Dame’s Mendoza Business School for successfully completing two parts of a non-profit corporation course. Check him out on SoundCloud, or follow Kevin’s personal Twitter account.