July 29

Tengram Capital Partners acquires Lime Crime

Tenegram Capital, a private equity firm, has recently taken on Lime Crime. This is great news for Lime Crime, which is a vegan based make-up company. Lime Crime has taken the cosmetic industry by storm with their vibrant colors and cruelty free beauty products.

The products offered by Lime Crime have captivated shoppers at high end retailers like Ulta.com, Riley Rose and Bloomingdales. They have even taken the international cosmetics scene by storm by encouraging extreme self expression. Their Unicorn Lipsticks are available in a variety of vibrant shades. Their best-selling Diamond Crushers lip toppers have just recently paved for Lime Crime’s new unicorn Hair. From Los Angeles to Singapore to London, Lime Crime has quickly become an international sensation creating a cult-like following among fashion-forward beauty aficionados.

Tengram’s acquisition will support the growth of the company founded in 2008 by Doe Deere and Mark Dumbleton. The Lime Crime vision is to allow those consumers who are passionate about cruelty free, vegan options and self-expression through vibrant cosmetics.

As of June 18, Stacy Panagakis is the C.E.O. of Lime Crime. She brings to the table her experience as General Manager of Fresh, where she built the North American affiliate of that company. She will team up with Chief Creative Officer Sasha Valentine, who has eight years under her belt with Lime Crime already. The pair will become the Dynamic Duo with goals to expand the brand’s reach and offerings to become an industry revolutionary brand. They hope to inspire unicorns the world over while they delve into the expansion of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime began as a digital-first makeup and hair color brand. The company’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, trend-setting products are designed to make the user feel as if she is being transported to a magical place where self-expression has endless possibilities in every color of the rainbow. They currently boast a social media following of 44 million the world over.

May 4

Mark Mofid’s plastic surgery practice in San Diego

Mark Mofid is a certified plastic surgeon who is based in La Jolla, San Diego. He attended Harvard University where he received his undergraduate degree in medicine. In his medical degree, he trained in general surgery and plastic surgery. He later joined Johns Hopkins university school of medicine where he studied an advanced craniofacial research fellowship. Currently, he is a staff surgeon at Scripps Memorial Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista medical center both of which are located in La Jolla area of San Diego. He is also among the members of clinical faculty of the University of California. He is a fellow in the American college of surgeons and sits in the American board of plastic surgery.

Mark Mofid owns an accredited clinic, surgery center and also provides laser services. The clinic is located in LA Jolla, San Diego county. The office has 3 specialists; a nurse, a dermatologist who happens to be his wife and himself a plastic surgeon. The clinic offers medical services, dermatological services, cosmetics and plastic surgery. According to Mark Mofid, the process of hiring new employees is rigorous. To him, experience doesn’t matter. He considers employees who are willing to commit a few years to learning everything about the field of surgery and dermatology. Later, helps these employees to find great career paths in the industry.

Mark Mofid believes in working together in serving the patients. He acknowledges that no one can satisfy the needs of all patients alone. This is why he has established referral relationship with another laser facility within the community which provides the laser needs that he cannot offer. In addition, he believes that good work is the best form of advertising. Doing good work is inexpensive and allows one to compete on quality rather than price. He doesn’t use any print advertising although he owns a website. Mark Mofid advice’s employers to do a thorough investigation on new employees, because some of them may land an organization in problems, additionally, startups should not be concerned about where they start, rather, they should work towards good services.