March 20

Planning An Awesome Party Without The Stress

Planning a party can be fun and stressful. To avoid all that craziness, there are things you can do to make the whole process much easier. Here they are:


First, you must get organized. This is the foundation to planning any event. You can keep track of who’s coming (don’t forget to send out invites), what you need to get, etc. You can also check things off once you’re done them, like a check list. Next, create a theme. This is optional, but makes a party more interesting and fun. You really can do any theme your heart desires.


Let guests know that you appreciated them coming by giving them party favors. Think outside the box and send them home with potted plants, gift cards, or homemade sweets.


Plus, when you are more organized you won’t have to worry as much. Keep those anxiety levels low and you will be a happier person.


Keeping it relaxed feeling by making table setting and appetizers simple. Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s going to be terrible. Some of the most simplest things are the best. Keep it casual by forgoing the stressful sit down dinner and just serve a bunch of appetizers. People can have a taste of everything and mingle more with other guests. You can also offer a self-serve bar and keep it simple. Guests can choose what drink they prefer, rather than you choosing for them. You can even create a specialty drink named after the party or guest of honor. If children will be there, set up a kids table so they are occupied and happy. You can throw out crayons and paper, or toys to keep them entertained.


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