June 14

How Securus Technologies Closed a Criminal Investigation

Trying to close a cold case can take me and my team days, weeks, or even years, all dependent on the leads and cooperation we get during that investigation. I was in charge of working one case where the suspect basically vanished into thin air after jumping bail, and his new identity meant he could be here in the city or thousands of miles away. I was getting heat to get this case closed, so I turned to some unconventional methods to get help.


The team at Securus Technologies had recently installed a new inmate call system in our local prison, and it was about time I was trained to use the LBS software to help in the investigation. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Ricard Smith, says that his 1,000 employees out of the Texas-based company all have but one objective, making this world safer for us all. We were going to see if that was true.


Once I was able to understand how the inmate call system could help, it made things easier. The software that monitors chatter between inmates on the phone does the work of dozen of corrections officers, identifying key verbiage that is needed in certain investigations. No sooner did we input the name of our suspect, we started to get hits. The covert alert feature pointed us in a very unlikely direction. It appears our suspect had his name changed but he was working for a landscaping company here in town.


The Securus Technologies system detected talk between a relative who was inquiring with his family about the suspect, not thinking anyone was listening or really caring about him. That tip lead us to the company early one day where we found our suspect working on a property, needless to say he was escorted to prison where he sits today.


January 24

How Has Securus Technologies Made Our Prison Calls Better?

Securus Technologies helps us place calls to the jails that we cannot make any other way. I am quite pleased to be using their system, and I hope others will follow suit. This article explains how we are using Securus, and there is a look at what it does for our family. I have been so happy to speak to imprisoned relatives, and I know they feel loved because we are calling them.


#1: Securus Is Simple To Use


Securus has created a simple system to use that we all have on our phones. I have it on my tablet, and I plan on using it many times over to call loved ones who are in jail. We have spent quite a lot of time attempting to reach out, and Securus has been the best place to call. They offer a video conference system, and I see clearly on every call.


#2: Hearing Clearly


I hear every call clearly, and I feel much better knowing I may share information with family. They need to know what is going on at home, and I need them to know we are looking out for them. I believe it is important we are making strides to reach out to family, and I want them to know we will be there when they get out of prison.


The Securus app and their company have done wonders for us, and I feel better knowing I may call with them at any time. Downloading the app was simple, and I have control over the calls that I do not have with other companies.