July 28

A Healthcare Entrepreneur: Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina has a passion and a focus on improving health care. He was born in Tanzania and immigrated to the UK in his teen as a result of his parents wanting the best education for their son. In London, he studied dentistry and is a qualified dental surgeon with years of experience in England. His passion, however, is in improving health care, and it is from this that his career has mainly focused on the health sector. After years as a dental surgeon, he decided to venture into elderly care where he founded the Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is a company focusing on providing service to the older adults in the community and rated as one of the most successful in the elderly care sector. In the UK as in other parts of the world, aged care has become an integral element in health care with the elderly in the society requiring care and support focused on them and their needs. Shafik Sachedina realized the need for high-quality care for the aged in the community and established Sussex Healthcare to meet this demand. Currently, the company has about 20 facilities each offering high-quality care to the aged and individuals living with disabilities. Under his leadership, Sussex has developed to be a leader in the market providing health care and support to the aged, and further offering customized care services for those who need them. The company has high standards having received accreditation from ISO 9000:2000 and certification from the Health Quality Services. According to Sachedina, providing high-quality care to patients and clients should be the focus of any healthcare practitioners and institution.

In addition to his role as a Joint Director are Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina serves in various other capacities. One of these is his role at Aga Khan in France whereby he helps at the Aga Khan’s Secretariat. Further, he contributes at the Institute of Ismaili Studies as a Board Member as well as head the Department of Jamati Institutions, is a member of committees at AKDN among others. Majority of the time and work he undertakes in Jamati Institution is on a voluntary basis with his focus being to give back to the community. Looking at his career, Shafik Sachedina has focused his efforts on serving the community and ensuring that people seeking health care receive high-quality care.

July 31

Education Philanthropist Betsy DeVos

It is no simple task to reform the education system that is implemented in current times, mainly due to the fact that the schools are run by the government. If the schools were privately owned with competition with other privately owned schools then basic economics would improve the school system. When parents and students have more choice in schools then this will ensure that the education being provided will be more honed for the student’s individual needs rather than a generalized method of teaching. Also, with teacher unions making it nearly impossible to fire teachers who are under-performing, the quality of education being provided is not the primary incentive for teachers to ensure they are doing their job at the utmost capability.Betsy DeVos has been a life long advocate in education reform for the nation and she now is in a position to make some really necessary changes on a grander scale than before. DeVos has always felt the reform movement was increasing in momentum in recent years and now she can reinforce that movement so that there is at least no downward stride in the popularity behind more school choice.

One inspirational incident that led for DeVos’ contributions to the reform movement was when she and her husband, Dick DeVos, were looking for schools for their own children and they happened across Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI. This particular private school was providing great education for low-income families and DeVos’ admired the level of determination of the parents to ensure that their children were getting appropriate education as well as being safe and cared for. After learning of the struggles these families faced to have access to the same quality of education the DeVos’ could have easily afforded, DeVos’ then began supporting several students for the tuition cost of the school which gradually built itself into the significant generosity she provides to the school currently.

It was the interactions with this school that empowered DeVos’ to fight for what she thinks that every American deserves in education, the access to quality education of the parent’s choice and not mandated by government on how to perform better, but rather by the natural competitive market of private schools. If tuition was not guaranteed and had to be sought for so that the school stays operating than that alone will improve the school system by increasing the quality of teachers and faculty to ensure students are getting the best education. Giving the power back to the family in school decisions is one of the strongest ways to enact school reform, and also one of the more obvious, but that doesn’t mean that matters will change over night.

April 4

From the NBA to Community Service

There are many people in business who want to make a positive impact on the world through their work. However, few people ever succeed on the level that Bruce Levenson has during his career. During the course of time, he has proven to people just how much you can help others. He had a great career in business, and he has a lot of money at his disposal. While he was with the Atlanta Hawks, he was able to turn the team into one of the best in the NBA. However, he did not stop there. He wanted to make sure that the entire city was better off because he was there. He has joined with the Do Good Institute (https://www.benzinga.com/news/17/03/9165680/university-of-marylands-non-profit-initiative-is-changing-higher-education) to make a positive difference in this community.

Bruce Levenson

Few people in business have succeeded at the level that Bruce Levenson did. He is worth billions of dollars, reveals Forbes.com, but you would never know it if you had a typical conversation with him. He is excited about a lot of things for the future. Not only is he investing a lot of time and money into his local community, but he is helping others during the process as well. If you want to excel at a high level, you need to make sure you are thinking of ways to help others in times of need.

Job Training

One of the biggest areas of focus for the UCG chairperson Bruce Levenson is job training. There are a lot of people in the inner cities who do not have the basic skills that are needed to perform middle class jobs.