August 5

ClassDojo Creates Positive Classroom Culture

The wonderful classroom moments that many parents are not able to be a part of are now becoming available to them for their viewing pleasure. Thanks to the ClassDojo app, parents can now be more involved than ever in the classroom setting. The ClassDojo app was founded in 2011 for the purpose of providing a free, easy to use method to create a culture and community between teachers, students and parents.

The educational technology app was co-founded by CEO Sam Chaudhary and CTO Liam Don. The ClassDojo app has not yet made any revenue because the co-founders do not believe in making money off of the user’s privacy data. According to the co-founders, privacy is a huge concern when kids are involved. Instead of risking privacy, the thoughtful co-founders decided to create premium features and content that parents would pay to use.

The ClassDojo app has been able to greatly improve the communication between teachers and parents outside of the parent-teacher conference setting. ClassDojo allows the students to have a voice of their own by enabling them to showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios. Some say the app is similar to other social media apps.

However, ClassDojo is different because it is made specifically for the classroom environment for the purpose of creating a communication platform that creates a positive culture in the classrooms and schools around the country. The priceless moments that most parents would miss out on can now be captured by the teacher so that the parents can be more included.

Posted August 5, 2018 by GreenvilleHockey in category "Education