December 29

Daniel Taub Shares Sage Advice and Life Lessons

Soon, Daniel Taub will say goodbye to the United Kingdom, where he has been the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James for the last four years. Taub has the refinement of an upscale British man, combined with the fiery wit or an Israeli, and he will be greatly missed. The Jewish Chronicle’s Michael Freeland shares that Daniel Taub is likely the most popular and successful Israeli envoy after Shlomo Argov, who nearly lost his life to gunfire in London in 1982. Learn more:

Taub himself, who prefers to be called Daniel, admits that he has accomplished a lot in his role as ambassador, seeing as how Israel and UK relations are at their strongest now. Huffington Post conducted a Q&A with Daniel, who is a father of six and a grandfather of one. He shares his take on serious matters like conflict between Israel and Palestine and Europe’s anti-semitism. Taub also touches on the life lessons he has taken to heart throughout his time as ambassador.


Daniel admits that he wishes he and his family would have visited the London theater scene more. He shares that work was especially demanding and now that he is on his final days of vacation, he and his wife plan to take their children to as many shows and musicals as possible. The family has seen High Society, and plans to see Les Miserables.


The ambassador also shares that now that he is ending his four-year term, he can truly say he’s satisfied. He states that it’s common to leave a position and think of all the things that could have been accomplished. However, he is proud of the goals that the embassy has accomplished so much and has done more than expected. Taub also shares that the embassy was able to geographically get to new places, and were able to open information centers in Israel, Wales and Scotland, and to expand the Manchester information center.


Taub also shares that it’s beneficial to talk to both friends and “enemies” in order to learn more about the world and to have a more well-rounded perspective. He also discusses the importance of family, and says that his family is a priority: so much so that he and his family are looking forward to moving back to Jerusalem.

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