June 17

Green Structure Homes Owes Barbara Stokes For Her Insight And Dedication

Green Structure Home has been building sustainable housing for people all over Alabama for years and they are also big-time players in the disaster relief market. In times of natural disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey last year, Green Structure Homes steps in to help those in need with temporary housing.

The company is also in contract with FEMA to provide even greater support around the country in the face of disaster. Under the leadership of Barbara Stokes, the company is highly focused on their commitments to the community and analyzing all their projects fully so their ideas can be realized. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

Barbara Stokes has built a strong academic foundation before starting off her career. She majored in engineer, thermodynamics and physical during her time in school. According to Barbara, this laid down the foundation for her success in business and construction, allowing her to be a player in the corporate side of things.

Barbara’s passion for helping others is a big part of why she got into her business in the first place, to build sustainable homes for those without them or those who have just fallen victim to a natural disaster. The work she does helps not only save lives but rebuild them. On top of her work at Green Structure Homes, Barbara also helps out in her own community as well.

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As a successful businesswoman and full-time mom, Barbara is often asked how she manages it all. Well, the first answer is obvious, she works hard and often times late nights. But her family more than makes up for the hard work she puts in, especially since she enjoys her work. Scott Stokes, Barbara’s husband is also a big help when it comes to the family and the company.

Through her work in construction, Barbara Stokes is able to put many of her ideas to the test and bring many of them to life as well. She has a dedicated team of experts behind her at Green Structure Homes that are behind her every step of the way to bring new homes to those in need. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

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