August 14

Meet Whitney Wolfe: A Brilliant Young Entrepreneur

Meet Whitney Wolfe: A Brilliant Young Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe is the founder as well as the chief executive officer of an app called Bumble. Many people admire her for being a visionary and original thinker. The brilliant and young entrepreneur did not only create a fantastic global firm, but she has also done a lot to improve communities from different parts of the country. Visit on her twitter account for more updates.

Whitney Wolfe introduced Bumble into the market with the ambition of changing the manner in which individuals date by simply putting ladies first. In this app, all interactions must be started by a lady. Nowadays, the app has more than 500 million users. Besides facilitating online dating, the platform has also created a room for career networking.

In the year 2016, Bumble was the fourth dating app when it comes to popularity. Whitney has been recognized by various companies and organizations for her commitment and dedication when it comes to empowering women.

The headquarters, of Bumble are situated in Austin and are commonly referred to as ‘The Hive.’ The structures are designed in such a way that every section inspires confidence and positivity. The entryways, Conference rooms, light switches, and bathroom mirrors display inspirational as well as on-brand phrases such as “Bee Positive”, “Make the First Move”, and many more. 85% of the employees at Bumble are females.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe, an American entrepreneur was born in the year 1989 in a place known as Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the founder Chief executive officer of the Bumble as well as the co-founder of Tinder, a dating app. She launched Bumble in the year 2014. According to Forbes, the firm has a value of about 1billion U.S. dollars.

Whitney is the daughter of Michael Wolf, a property developer and Kelly, who is a housewife. She is an alumnus of Southern Methodist University. She took a course in international studies during her undergraduate studies. She started sharpening her entrepreneur skills while in college when she was 19 years of age. She used to sell bags which became popular when photos of celebrities like Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe with them went viral. Immediately after her graduation, Wolfe Herd moved to Asia where she began working at orphanages.

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August 6

Guilherme Paulus one of the most influential businessmen

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is currently the largest travel company in Brazil and is in 23 states in the country. Not only is CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. the largest in Brazil, but currently has 209 points of sales globally with an office in Europe and many neighboring South American countries. The widely successful and influential travel agent company employs over 3,200 citizens and more than 1,000 suppliers. CVC Brasil has grown to services directly more than 8.5 million customers in both South America and Europe

CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.Awas founded in 1972 by Guilherme Paulus and his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari when Paulus was only 24 years old. The two hit the ground running, but Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, in 1974 decided to sell his portion of the company and give Guilherme Paulus full control of operations going forward. Visit to learn more about Paulus

Guilherme Paulus graduated college with a degree in business and has worked with IBM for over 20 years. Guilherme Paulus has ventured into the hotel industry and has been making significant financial investments in many hotels. In 2005 Guilherme founded GJP Hotels and Resorts. Mr. Paulus makes a point to focus more on the customer, to ensure their satisfaction. Mr. Paulus was added to Forbes list of billionaires in 2013 the same year he became Chairman of the Board of Directors at CVS Brasil. Currently, GJP Hotels and Resorts control more than 15 hotels and resorts in Brazil. There are plans for GJP to expand and create new locations to include the highly sought surrounding airport areas.

Mr. Paulus is also a member of the Board of Directors for GJP and is an active member of the Tourism National Board, which is named by the Republic’s President. One of Brazil’s most respected and influential businessmen, Guilherme Paulus was recognized and named Entrepreneur of the year for his direct contributions to the improvement of the quality of life in Brazil.


August 5

ClassDojo Creates Positive Classroom Culture

The wonderful classroom moments that many parents are not able to be a part of are now becoming available to them for their viewing pleasure. Thanks to the ClassDojo app, parents can now be more involved than ever in the classroom setting. The ClassDojo app was founded in 2011 for the purpose of providing a free, easy to use method to create a culture and community between teachers, students and parents.

The educational technology app was co-founded by CEO Sam Chaudhary and CTO Liam Don. The ClassDojo app has not yet made any revenue because the co-founders do not believe in making money off of the user’s privacy data. According to the co-founders, privacy is a huge concern when kids are involved. Instead of risking privacy, the thoughtful co-founders decided to create premium features and content that parents would pay to use.

The ClassDojo app has been able to greatly improve the communication between teachers and parents outside of the parent-teacher conference setting. ClassDojo allows the students to have a voice of their own by enabling them to showcase and share their learning by adding photos and videos to their own portfolios. Some say the app is similar to other social media apps.

However, ClassDojo is different because it is made specifically for the classroom environment for the purpose of creating a communication platform that creates a positive culture in the classrooms and schools around the country. The priceless moments that most parents would miss out on can now be captured by the teacher so that the parents can be more included.

August 3

The Chainsmokers Inch Past the Gorillaz; They are the 3rd Longest-Running Album on Dance Charts

Memories…Do Not Open was released in April of 2017 by The Chainsmokers, but this wasn’t their first contribution to the music industry. They had been releasing music since 2014, choosing to release singles every few months instead of full-length projects. In the end this paid off because they had a buzz without over-saturating fans with their music.

Their first few songs cracked Billboard’s Hot 100. “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” were instant hits. “Closer” became their first No 1 song. They also released a few EPs leading up to their first full-length album. Bouquet and Collage are the names of their EPs.

As for Memories…Do Not Open, it reached the 34 week mark in May, topping the Billboard Chart’s dance category. Their debut album may be over a year old, but it is still making waves among fans of dance music. They have also been releasing new music. Their recent sound has shifted to a more serious, sometimes dark sound.

The 34th week made history in fact. They tied with the Gorillaz’s Demon Days album, making their album the 3rd longest-running album at the No 1 position on the dance chart.

This record is for total time spent on the charts and not consecutive weeks. The Chainsmokers were knocked off the No 1 position several times in fact. Artists like Odesza, William Control, Above & Beyond, Avicii, and Kygo all temporarily stole the spot from The Chainsmokers.

About Alex Pall

Alex Pall is a founding member of The Chainsmokers. Originally Alex Pall had a different musical partner. Andrew Taggart joined in 2014 when Pall’s previous partner left. Alex Pall was also working as a DJ in and around New York prior to being introduced to Andrew Taggart.

About Andrew Taggart

Like Pall, Taggart was working as a DJ. Andrew Taggart was also interning at Interscope. Contacts at Interscope set him up with a meeting with Alex Pall, and the two vibed immediately.

August 2

Freedom Checks, Oil Drilling, and Matt Badiali

The investment expert and geologist Matt Badiali has been providing insights about investing in natural resources. His work as a geologist has led him to many interesting locations around the world such as Switzerland, Haiti, Hong Kong, and many others while he researched the natural resources with potential for investment.

Many other investors in the industry stop at reading news stories and researching the companies they are interested in, Matt Badiali prefers to take it a step further by actually checking out the sites where the natural resources are being sourced from. With his experience in geology, he is able to analyze how the company he is researching is operating on a hands-on level. Some of the most useful research and data he is able to gather comes from the workers and residents of the area themselves. They are able to provide information about the local political climate surrounding the project and issues with the government that may affect the profitability of the site.

One of the investment opportunities that Matt Badiali has been writing extensively about recently is the concept of Freedom Checks. Freedom Checks are not well-known, but they are profits distributed from Master Limited Partnerships to their investors on a quarterly or even monthly basis. These Master Limited Partnerships generally have something to do with the oil industry in some capacity and would prefer to distribute a portion of their profits to investors as opposed to paying out taxes to the government. This concept is confusing to many, but Matt Badiali stresses that they are a legitimate investment opportunity with a good payout.

Matt Badiali currently works as the Chief Resource Investment Expert of Banyan Hill Publishing as well as acting as a Geologist and Analyst for Stansberry Research. He attended Pennsylvania State University from 1987 to 1992 where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Geological and Earth Sciences before he later continued his education at Florida Atlantic University where he worked on Masters in the subject from 1998 until his graduation in 2000. From 2000 to 2005, he completed a Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology except for his dissertation at the University of North Carolina.

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July 29

Tengram Capital Partners acquires Lime Crime

Tenegram Capital, a private equity firm, has recently taken on Lime Crime. This is great news for Lime Crime, which is a vegan based make-up company. Lime Crime has taken the cosmetic industry by storm with their vibrant colors and cruelty free beauty products.

The products offered by Lime Crime have captivated shoppers at high end retailers like, Riley Rose and Bloomingdales. They have even taken the international cosmetics scene by storm by encouraging extreme self expression. Their Unicorn Lipsticks are available in a variety of vibrant shades. Their best-selling Diamond Crushers lip toppers have just recently paved for Lime Crime’s new unicorn Hair. From Los Angeles to Singapore to London, Lime Crime has quickly become an international sensation creating a cult-like following among fashion-forward beauty aficionados.

Tengram’s acquisition will support the growth of the company founded in 2008 by Doe Deere and Mark Dumbleton. The Lime Crime vision is to allow those consumers who are passionate about cruelty free, vegan options and self-expression through vibrant cosmetics.

As of June 18, Stacy Panagakis is the C.E.O. of Lime Crime. She brings to the table her experience as General Manager of Fresh, where she built the North American affiliate of that company. She will team up with Chief Creative Officer Sasha Valentine, who has eight years under her belt with Lime Crime already. The pair will become the Dynamic Duo with goals to expand the brand’s reach and offerings to become an industry revolutionary brand. They hope to inspire unicorns the world over while they delve into the expansion of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime began as a digital-first makeup and hair color brand. The company’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, trend-setting products are designed to make the user feel as if she is being transported to a magical place where self-expression has endless possibilities in every color of the rainbow. They currently boast a social media following of 44 million the world over.

July 28

A Healthcare Entrepreneur: Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina has a passion and a focus on improving health care. He was born in Tanzania and immigrated to the UK in his teen as a result of his parents wanting the best education for their son. In London, he studied dentistry and is a qualified dental surgeon with years of experience in England. His passion, however, is in improving health care, and it is from this that his career has mainly focused on the health sector. After years as a dental surgeon, he decided to venture into elderly care where he founded the Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is a company focusing on providing service to the older adults in the community and rated as one of the most successful in the elderly care sector. In the UK as in other parts of the world, aged care has become an integral element in health care with the elderly in the society requiring care and support focused on them and their needs. Shafik Sachedina realized the need for high-quality care for the aged in the community and established Sussex Healthcare to meet this demand. Currently, the company has about 20 facilities each offering high-quality care to the aged and individuals living with disabilities. Under his leadership, Sussex has developed to be a leader in the market providing health care and support to the aged, and further offering customized care services for those who need them. The company has high standards having received accreditation from ISO 9000:2000 and certification from the Health Quality Services. According to Sachedina, providing high-quality care to patients and clients should be the focus of any healthcare practitioners and institution.

In addition to his role as a Joint Director are Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina serves in various other capacities. One of these is his role at Aga Khan in France whereby he helps at the Aga Khan’s Secretariat. Further, he contributes at the Institute of Ismaili Studies as a Board Member as well as head the Department of Jamati Institutions, is a member of committees at AKDN among others. Majority of the time and work he undertakes in Jamati Institution is on a voluntary basis with his focus being to give back to the community. Looking at his career, Shafik Sachedina has focused his efforts on serving the community and ensuring that people seeking health care receive high-quality care.

July 16

Paul Mampilly Gives Incredible Investment Advice to EPN’s Listeners

Paul Mampilly is a respected finance executive who has a vast experience in market stocks having spent a considerable amount in Wall Street. He is also a fovorite guest analyst on Tv shows and Radio shows including Fox Business News and CNBC. Recently, he sat down with Eric Dye from the Entrepreneur Podcast Network to talk about current trends in the stock market, entrepreneurs that Mampilly admires and faults people make with their initial investments. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Mampilly holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Fordham University. His career took off at Bankers Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager. He gained enough knowledge and expertise to move to move to larger legal and financial firms like Deutsche Bank and Kinetics Asset Management. While working the latter, Mampilly was in charge of a hedge fund and managed to grow the firm’s investments to $25 billion.

He quit his stints at Wall Street to focus on his businesses and pursue his passion for helping middle-class Americans manage their finances and grow their wealth. Paul Mampilly is currently an editor for Babyan Hill Publishing. He writes a monthly newsletter called Profits Unlimited that has more than 90,000 subscribers. It entails investment tips, financial advice, and guidelines on lucrative investment opportunities to guide people in their financial management lives. He also edits another journal called the Extreme Fortunes. Read more about Paul Mampilly at Talk Markets.

In his interview with Dye, Paul Mampilly advised average Americans not to spend all their money on a single investment as it may turn out to be a huge loss. He added that also spending too much money on one stock is an error most new investors make. Paul instead urged new investors to spend evenly on multiple shares for higher returns.He believes that the time he spent at Wall Street gives him a unique perspective that other advisors lack.

According to Paul Mampilly, the stock market has undergone rapid changes over the years, and some of the current trends like the use of computer algorithms place average investors at a disadvantage. He also noted that there is a new investment trend where the focus is first growing an investment and then pursuing profits later.


June 30

OSI Food Solutions Acquires New Property In Toledo, Spain

OSI Food Solutions has again shown the world that it is not stopping at nothing in its bid to offer sufficient and sustainable chicken products in Spain and Portuguese markets. This was clear when the company recently announced that it is going to expand its Toledo facility. The expansion process is underway. Upon completion, the facility will accommodate several departments. Among the departments that are lined up include the employees’ lounge, storage and supply area, refrigeration rooms, production hall, and shipping and receiving areas. All these and other departments will fit in the proposed 22, 600 square feet facility.

When making the announcement, OSI Food Solutions Managing Director for Spain José María del Río said that the new facility will not only double production from 12, 000 tons to 24, 000 tons, but also increase sustainability. “We are looking at adding the number of tons of our produce. In the last 10 years, there has been an ever increasing demand of chicken, pork, and beef in our local market as well as our neighboring Portugal. Soon, there will be sufficient supply. We have also announced that we will be adding 20 more employees to our list. This will bring the number of those that are based in Toledo to 160,” said the MD. Among the posts advertised for include that of the product development manager. All those that will be absorbed would have shown high-lever skills especially in the line of production.

David McDonald, OSI Food Solutions’ Chief Operating Officer (COO), and President said that the expansion comes at the right time. McDonald said applauded the company’s employees saying that they are the reason behind the latest achievements. Several equipments have been installed in the Toledo facility, which are believed to be energy savers. They include state of the art refrigeration equipment and power plant equipment that consume more than 20 percent energy. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

The project is partly funded by the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund, which during the issuance of the grant said that part of the reason for giving OSI Solutions the grant is because of the company’s commitment to honor its pledges. It should be remembered that when setting foot in Toledo, OSI Food Solutions promised to employ people from the local community. This is what the company has honored.

Thanks to OSI Food Solutions’ top management that has many years of experience, the company has been able to receive several awards. They include the Global Visionary Award and the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award.

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June 30

An Overview of Robert Ivy’s Achievements

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award was started by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters to appreciate artists from Mississippi have incredible works of art and support art. This Year Robert Ivy, an architect was selected for the award, making him the first in his profession ever to receive this award. He won the honor in a ceremony on June 2nd alongside famed stained glass designer Andrew Young. The two join the ranks of individuals like Morgan Freeman and Leontyne Price who have received this award in the past.

As the CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Robert Ivy has worked relentlessly to expand the reach of the organization. Under his management, the American Institute Of architects has recorded the highest membership numbers. Before his appointment to AIA, Robert was an editor for the Architectural Record at McGraw Hills. In this position, he was able to steer the magazine to become the most famous architectural magazine. He is also credited with debuting a Mandarin version of the magazine. Ivy points out that he enjoyed his work at the magazine because he traveled a lot and was able to learn new things which he shared with others in his publications.

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Robert Ivy has made numerous contributions to the architectural profession. As an author and international speaker on matters of architecture, he has made the trade more obtainable to the public according to Nancy LaForge, the president of the Mississippi Institute of Letters and Arts. She commended Ivy for this fete and said that he deserved the honor. AIA’s president Carl Elefante in a press conference disclosed that he was glad on behalf of Robert Ivy and lauded him for being a role model in their profession.

In addition to winning the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Ivy has received several other distinctions for his work. The National Architecture Body bestowed upon him the title of Master Architect which is given to only the best architects like Richard Fuller. Ivy also earned the Dean’s medal from the University of Arkansas School of Architecture. His biography titled Fay Jones is currently in its third edition.

Robert Ivy went to Sewanee: The University of the south where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. He later went to Tulane University for his masters’ studies and earned a Master of Architecture degree. Interestingly, Robert served in the United States military before he decided to pursue architecture.

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