April 4

How Eduardo Melzer Grew Grupo RBS into an International Company

Duda Melzer, whose birth name is Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, is a successful Brazilian business executive. He serves as the chairperson and head of Grupo RBS. The company ranks highly in Brazil’s largest multimedia communications companies. Duda has shares in e.Bricks Ventures, which is an international private equity and venture capital located in Brazil.

Academic and Professional Background

According to clicrbs, Duda Melzer attributes his professional excellence to the business administration degree he earned from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sol. He also attended Harvard University for his master’s in business administration in 2002. Duda commenced his professional career in the financial and franchising sectors. He once served in the franchise office of Sweet Sweet Way. Furthermore, Booz Allen & Hamilton hired him as a consultant.

After relocating to the US, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer got the chance to work with Delphi Corporation as a senior analyst. Melzer was also elected as the chief executive officer of a New York-based company known as Box Top Media. In 2008, Duda was honored to be a guest in two summits hosted at Harvard University. These included the Building and Leading Customer Centric Organizations and the Effective Strategies for Media Companies. Duda served as a member of the Executive Council of the Standard Norms and the Board of Ethics of the National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation.  Check out his website eduardosirotskymelzer.

Grupo RBS

Duda Melzer joined the executive team of Grupo RBS in 2004. He also served as the VP of market and business development back in 2008.

Duda succeeded his uncle, Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky, as executive chair of Grupo RBS in 2012. Since he was appointed, he has headed strategic planning insights provided by the company’s board members.

Click here: http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/opiniao/colunistas/fernanda-pandolfi/noticia/2015/12/em-sua-residencia-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-recebe-parceiros-do-grupo-rbs-para-brindar-o-fim-de-ano-4926417.html#showNoticia=TkZfcFRBN3syOTMwMDIzMjAwMjA3MTQ3MDA4RX1lNjI2NTcyMzkxMzA1NjUyMTM2NlBPPjQwMDEzODE5NzAxOTI4OTE5MDR4UXByazxQRlEoelBnPCwwU0c=

April 4

From the NBA to Community Service

There are many people in business who want to make a positive impact on the world through their work. However, few people ever succeed on the level that Bruce Levenson has during his career. During the course of time, he has proven to people just how much you can help others. He had a great career in business, and he has a lot of money at his disposal. While he was with the Atlanta Hawks, he was able to turn the team into one of the best in the NBA. However, he did not stop there. He wanted to make sure that the entire city was better off because he was there. He has joined with the Do Good Institute (https://www.benzinga.com/news/17/03/9165680/university-of-marylands-non-profit-initiative-is-changing-higher-education) to make a positive difference in this community.

Bruce Levenson

Few people in business have succeeded at the level that Bruce Levenson did. He is worth billions of dollars, reveals Forbes.com, but you would never know it if you had a typical conversation with him. He is excited about a lot of things for the future. Not only is he investing a lot of time and money into his local community, but he is helping others during the process as well. If you want to excel at a high level, you need to make sure you are thinking of ways to help others in times of need.

Job Training

One of the biggest areas of focus for the UCG chairperson Bruce Levenson is job training. There are a lot of people in the inner cities who do not have the basic skills that are needed to perform middle class jobs.

March 22

Madison Street Capital and ARES Concludes its Successful Deal in January 2017

Over the years, Madison Street Capital has built a good reputation in the industry due to its exceptional service to its clients. Madison Street Capital offers financial advice to its customers and is fast becoming one of the top enterprises in this sector. In recent times, one of their top clients ARES Security Corporation sought their services and was not disappointed.



After careful analysis, they advised them to hire Corbel Structured Equity Partners to carry out the minority investment transactions. Over the years, Madison has proved their worth, and this is why they have a constant flow of clients looking for their services. The company offers end to end solutions through their knowledgeable and professional experts who are skilled and have years of experience in the industry allowing them to provide the best solution to their clients.



Madison Street Capital worked towards building a good working relationship between ARES Security Corporation and Corbel Structured Equity Partners that helped arranged subordinated debt investment along with minority stake. The deal was finalized and supervised by the Senior MD at Madison, Reginald McGaugh. They vouched for the services of the Corbel Structured Equity Partners as the best and the most suitable financing partner for ARES that was happy with the new capital structure offered to them. It was due to Madison Street Capital that the partnership between the two companies was successful.



Madison Street Capital offers exceptional services to its clients, both public corporations, and private ones so that they are in front of their competitors in the global marketplace. Whether it is financial advisory, mergers and acquisition transactions or capital raises, the company has skilled teams who understand the need of each of their clients and provide unique solutions depending on their position. Madison Street Capital Reputation amongst its customers is that of a trusted and reliable firm.



The company has many happy customers that keep coming back to them for advice and other services. They have their presence in many other countries including North America, Asia, and Africa. The company also believes in giving back to their society and is associated with some organizations like United Way, so that they can make a difference in the community they operate in and empower local communities. For its clients, it is a go-to company for all of their financial advisory and corporate investment requirements.

March 21

WEN Hair Care For Beautiful Hair

In a market that is full of hair care products, finding a product that is safe as well as effective is not easy. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is one such product.

The best feature of WEN Cleansing Conditioner is that it is absolutely safe. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. This means that it can be used on any kind of hair without giving it a second thought.

Basically, WEN Cleansing Conditioner is not one, but five different kinds of products rolled into one. Using this product would mean that one can do away with other products like shampoo, lay-i conditioner, deep conditioner, conditioner or detangler. This means that there is no need to keep too many products in the bathroom any more as all the requirements are now met by just one product. This saves on time, money as well as space and effort too.

This means that the hair care product is not going to rob the hair of its natural sheen. Hair will remain shining and healthy for a much longer time. Hair will remain strong and will retain their moisture too.

In fact, studies have shown that this Hair Care product by WEN Hair has actually achieved whatever the company claimed. This included added moisture, shine as well as strength. This led to the hair becoming more manageable after each wash. This product is perfect for colored hair and color of any texture.

Other ingredients are Panthenol and Rosemary extract. It also contains Wild Cherry Bark. All these are natural ingredients with no harmful effects of any kind. They have already been proved to add sheen to hair and increase their resilience.

For more details about Chaz Dean, just visit his website here.

March 20

Planning An Awesome Party Without The Stress

Planning a party can be fun and stressful. To avoid all that craziness, there are things you can do to make the whole process much easier. Here they are:


First, you must get organized. This is the foundation to planning any event. You can keep track of who’s coming (don’t forget to send out invites), what you need to get, etc. You can also check things off once you’re done them, like a check list. Next, create a theme. This is optional, but makes a party more interesting and fun. You really can do any theme your heart desires.


Let guests know that you appreciated them coming by giving them party favors. Think outside the box and send them home with potted plants, gift cards, or homemade sweets.


Plus, when you are more organized you won’t have to worry as much. Keep those anxiety levels low and you will be a happier person.


Keeping it relaxed feeling by making table setting and appetizers simple. Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s going to be terrible. Some of the most simplest things are the best. Keep it casual by forgoing the stressful sit down dinner and just serve a bunch of appetizers. People can have a taste of everything and mingle more with other guests. You can also offer a self-serve bar and keep it simple. Guests can choose what drink they prefer, rather than you choosing for them. You can even create a specialty drink named after the party or guest of honor. If children will be there, set up a kids table so they are occupied and happy. You can throw out crayons and paper, or toys to keep them entertained.


If you’re looking for event planning companies in NYC, Twenty Three Layers is only the best! They are top notch corporate event planners NYC. They can cater any business event with style and class. Twenty Three Layers are a full-service event planning company that screams opulence and have a eye for detail that can’t be beat! Next time you’re planning a party and want event planners NYC, Twenty Three Layers are the way to go.


March 6

Ryan Emmons’ Company Is Great

Because of the dedication of Ryan Emmons, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is now one of the biggest players in the beverage game, achieving a growth of more than 4,000 percent.

It all started when Emmons was studying entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California, one of the most prestigious schools in the United States.

So instead of opting for singular profits, he founded a company based on socially conscious components such as sustainability, ethics and health. Global News Wire stated that as a result, Waiakea springs now has an annual growth of around 170 percent and a worth of more than $9 million.

Thus, a great portions of Emmons’ success is due to the tenets of his business. For instance, Waiakea Water is the only company in the bottled water industry that is based on a triple bottom line platform. Learn more about Waiakea Water: http://www.charmcitybeverage.com/water/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water

Not only that, but Emmons is also a prominent philanthropist. Through Pump Aid, Emmons has donated over 400 million liters of water to underdeveloped countries. Since 2012, which was when Emmons founded the company, Waiakea Water has been donating 600 liters of consumable water for every bottle that it sells to consumers. This is one of the reasons why this premium company has won a lot of loyalists in places like Los Angeles and Hollywood.

In its second year of business, for example, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was recognized by The CarbonNeutral Company, a genuine accomplishment within the industry.

Also, Waiakea bottles are manufactured 100 percent out of post-consumer recycled materials. Not only that, but this company’s bottles take about 85 percent less energy to manufacture, which is incredible.

According to Forbes, Waiakea water is a great choice for health-conscious shoppers. According to Waiakea’s website, its water comes from the Mauna Loa, and it is also filtered through thousands of feet of porous volcanic rock.

This filtration process makes the water very rich in things such as magnesium, calcium and potassium. People can seek more information about Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water online.

March 3

Success as a Fit and Successful Female wearing Fabletics per month and Taking on Amazon!

A non-sponsored Fabletics reviewer claims that while she still is being able to eat healthy foods and manage her “stay fit through eating right diet,” one of the best parts of her lifestyle is being an active member of Fabletics. Being part of Kate Hudson’s popular brand Fabletics active wear, this active member managed to do it all while staying fit, eating right, and wearing trendy awesome workout clothes!


The brand is created by actress Kate Hudson. Her brand, Fabletics, is an active athletic fitness apparel company which is managed and owned by Hudson. She offers trendy, bold and bright colored work-out clothes through her company.


Her success began in featured ads online; yes, she was wearing them too and while she works out as you’ll see in her pictured advertisements and commercials you’ll fall in love with this brand. Additionally, she’s recently opened boutiques across the nation that have had much success with her active-wear clothing line while taking on Amazon at the same time.


Becoming a Fab member

Those who are interested in joining Hudson’s fabulous active wear company should take notice that the first outfit is $25. In addition, since it operates on a monthly membership, you’ll be the first to know what’s in and what’s new in her clothing line. Although, when you become a VIP member on the Fabletics website, you’ll get special deals, as well as awesome active wear per month.


The Fabletics sportswear line has been advertised by Hudson, herself, on talk shows and now on commercials. Although, you’ll find it fun and absorbing, it is notably one of those sportswear clothing companies which will make you think twice about your body and how fit you should stay because healthy workouts breeds healthy bodies.


Fabletics began as a startup sportswear brand which has a revenue of more than $250 million and currently growing according to Forbes magazine contributing writer Paul Armstrong. In an article which was published a few months ago in Forbes magazine (Nov.17, 2016) entitled, “How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking on Amazon” written by Armstrong, he said that the “reverse showroom technique” was considered a big reason for her success. In other words, instead of browsing at the showroom’s stores first, people are browsing online first. Then when they get familiar with the brand, they know exactly what to expect at the stores. It’s hit treadmills all over the world now because of online memberships and at the boutiques. This is a serious business and Hudson is thriving on it, as well as her members. Welcome to the “reverse showroom technique” and it works!


How Fabletics works

With Fabletics, working out is fun! Plus, you get freebies, and as a paying member in the Fabletics membership site, you’ll be happy you did. To learn a great deal about other members and their workouts go to the official Fabletics site and read more reviews. LINK Members who join take a survey about the workouts they normally do. In addition, they write about the style of their outfits they love to wear (such as capris, shorts, tanks,…to name a few).


Finally, at the first week of each month, workout clothes are picked just for YOU! They are shipped to you; since, there’s about 50+ types and styles, every member gets one curated for her personal style based on what she’s selected in her review. How fabulous is that for Fabletics to be a personal touch in your workout routine and all with Quality, Style, Value, Customer Service and Ease of Use.

March 2

Online Reputation Management Tips Every Business Should Master

Managing the reputation of a business online is a process that requires keen intervention. The online business arena is full of complexities and opportunities alike that every business has to deal with. It is easy to lose the reputation that a business has built for years and the rating of the business can go as low as zero within less than 24 hours. Therefore, having a perfect strategy that will prevent all the challenges that can bring about the loss of the reputation of a business is a good idea.

However, many people lack the skills to come up with a working strategy that will eliminate all the worries that come with losing the reputation of a business. Below are suggestions from onlinereputationreviews.com that can work for both the established and growing businesses.

Channel your connection through social media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools which you can use to market your business. Sites like Facebook have more than 1 billion users and the numbers are growing each day. When you share content through your social media account, the information stays online for as long as you want and many people can interact with your business easily through comments and reactions.

Additionally, there are tools to boost your content at affordable rates that you can use to reach millions of users online especially when marketing a new product.

Monitor online activity

This information can either make or break your business and should be taken seriously. You can use monitoring software that will alert you whenever a certain keyword from your end is mentioned. Once you receive the alert, you can quickly head online to confirm the kind of information shared so you can reply promptly.

Create offers

People want to feel appreciated and part of your business, so you should not always update content marketing your products. Sometimes create content that gives users a chance to walk away with some prizes so you can attract more people to view your business.


February 26

The Importance of Talking to Clients About Social Security

David Giertz explained why advisers should talk to their clients in detail about Social Security. He said that his company found the DNA Survey Nelson NHY Financial Retirement Institute. It is a survey of people who either retired or those who will be retiring after ten years. The results of the survey showed that people said their advisors talk mostly about memo multiple security. David Giertz said he considers the topic to be a very complex one. There is only one handbook for social security on Facebook, and it has almost three thousand rules which make it very complex for people to understand. It is important that advisors consider talking about it to the clients. The planning process of retirement involves social security as almost half of the process according to the surveys conducted. If clients turn on the social security too early, then they would lose three hundred thousand dollars in twenty-five years. That means losing one thousand dollars a month. Therefore, it is very important to optimize the returning of the client. See: https://brokercheck.finra.org/individual/summary/1515515

David Giertz is the current President of NFS Distributors Inc. which is a distribution and sales organization of Nationwide Financial. The company is a Columbus-based financial organization. The duties of Giertz include various tasks like mutual funds from regional firms, independent dealers/broker, and wire houses. He also foresees the distribution and strategy of specialty markets, annuities, life insurance, and plans for private-sector retirement. David Giertz’ professional career spans over a period of thirty years during which he served in community organizations and financial services industry. Giertz is also a member of Board of Trustees of Millikin University.

David Giertz has a very good educational background. He acquired a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Millikin University. Later, he went to University of Miami School of Business for the MBA degree. From 2004 to 2009, he served as the President of Financial Institutions Distributors Channel of Nationwide Financial on whitepages.com. In 2009, he became the President of Financial Institutions/Wirehouse Distribution Channel. It was March 2013, when he became the President of Nationwide Financial Distributors.

January 25

Madison Street Capital – Premium Middle Market Investment And Corporate Advisory Firm

Madison Street Capital is a globally acclaimed international investment banking firm that recently for one of its client, ARES Security Corporation, arranged subordinated debt investment and minority equity, by acting as an exclusive financial advisor. Ares Security Corporation provides security risk management solutions for a wide array of clients, locally and internationally, and offers advanced end-to-end security software solutions. The minority capitalization for the transaction mentioned above was provided by the renowned Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The deal was recently announced by the CEO of Madison Capital, Charles Botchway, and was managed by Senior Managing Director of Madison Capital, Reginald McGaugh.



Reginald McGaugh, in an interview, said that it was an honor for the company to act as a financial advisor for ARES Security Corporation, which offers a wide range of security software and technological solutions that help protect critical assets globally. President of Ares Security, Ben Eazzetta, also praised the standard of services provided by Madison Capital, starting from due diligence, raising capital, strategic planning and valuation analysis to legal compliance, which helped the Ares Capital to move forward seamlessly to achieve their future goals.



Ares Security identified that working with Corbel would be in their best interest because it would help them significantly increase company’s equity value. It would also help them get the operational support to continue their growth momentum and sales while expanding and explore new revenue generation points. The network of Corbel in the industry and their resources would also help Ares to further grip the field of security and technology solutions, and help reach out to new potential clientele out there.



Madison Street Capital reputation as a corporate financial advisor and international investment banking firm is unquestionable and has handled major merger and acquisition deals globally. Other services offered by Madison Street Capital includes financial services, audit and accounting, restructuring services, valuation services, IPO, and so on. The company has a team of experienced and well-qualified financial experts who understand the goals of the client and after that, strategically plan the course to take to streamline the path to achieving the goal.



Apart from providing professional financial services, the company is also deeply engaged in philanthropy and is attached to United Way, which helps in serving local and global communities through various charitable causes. It helps mostly in disaster relief and is active in many states in the USA. Madison Street Capital is headquartered in Chicago and has offices in Asia, Africa, and North America as well.