May 1

Rocketship education makes students growth performance a priority

Children’s growth should be monitored and evaluated at every turn so as to determine where they are headed. James Robinson the founding principle of Rocketship united academy urges parents to give assessment of their child’s overall growth in education rather than focusing on proficiency levels.

By now many schools in Tennessee got their students academic reports for last year but in Davidson County, elementary schools will have to wait another year to get to see the growth progress of their students. Robinson says that even though the results will capture proficiency levels of the students, it will also capture Growth scores. The growth scores will serve to show how much the students have learned over a given timeframe.

To have a holistic approach in capturing student data, many schools in the world use the MAP tool (Measures of Academic progress) which effectively can show the students growth performance over a period of one year.

According to national records, students coming from poor families start school behind and will probably never catch up. This creates an achievement gap and a children attending good public schools will be assisted to close this gap because there will be a level playing ground. Students performing below grade level will face challenges and the rate of their academic growth will determine if they will ever catch up.

Robinson says that last year 146 rocketeers begun the year behind but showed tremendous improvement in their grade levels by the end of the year. Based on the MAP tool that the school uses, that translates to 1.35 years growth in maths and 1.2 years growth in reading in one year. So he urges schools and parents to give growth scores equal attention as it will promote belter learning practices for the children.

Rocketship Schools was established in 2006 and its primary aim has been to bridge the gap in learning by giving children form low income families the opportunity to get good education. It is situated in California and has other outlets spread across other locations. The school has benefited greatly from donations given by prominent individuals and organizations and they use the money to improve the schools.

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